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Front End Web Developer

Web Developer will bring user interfaces to life using appropriate technologies including standards-based HTML/CSS, JS, jQuery, PHP, Flash, ActionScript, and Mobile application development platforms including Android and iOS. This position will also create and update text, images, audio and video file components as part of the Museum’s online presence as well as in-Museum physical computing installations.
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New Orleans is home to a robust group of programmers, developers, designers, and other technology-based minds. Meet some of the people behind the scenes, learning more about what brought them to the city and what keeps them going.


Whether created at work or as a passion project by a community group, New Orleans is creating special tools and resources with technology. These touch almost aspect of life in New Orleans, from culture to business and personal services.


See companies that focus on tech-related products or services operate out of the New Orleans area. Their work ranges from video games to smartphone apps, from business tools to financial software development and more.