BarCampNola 7: BarioKart

BarCampNola 7, the annual conference to that focuses on the community, sharing ideas, with a splash of tech, kicked off on July 12th and 13th. Over 250 attendees packed the Boggs Center for Energy and Biotechnology at Tulane University.  The location fit the atmosphere of BarCamp as Tulane is revamping their Computer Science program, has plans to create a Maker space, and a partnership with the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition.


What stood out this year was the newcomers that wanted to experience first hand what people had been talking about.  Many of them were programmers, artists, designers, business people, educators, and people from the community.  You could sense the energy and excitement as the workshop board filled up with forty presentations.  Everything from “How to Read Korean”,  “3 Secrets To A Successful Job Interview”, “Circuit Bending”, “Presenting 3D Biological Data”, “Hacking Knitting Machines”, and “Cyber Security Awareness”.  Keeping up with the theme BarioKart (a play on the word MarioKat) there was a Mario Kart gaming station setup where people could compete in races to win prizes.

Day 2 of BarCampNola 7: Build Day

The BarCampNola team decided to something different this year for day two.  In the past, the group from day got back together for a “hack day”.  It involved everyone building some type of website, software, or app that would benefit the community.  But this year is geared toward doing something that everyone could feel like they could do.  Day two of BarCampNola consisted of a “build day”.  Six teams got kits consisting of a set of tools, Rasberry Pi, Wifi dongle, two motors, three wheels, and a basic chassis.  Each team competed in races and could win prize money to donate back to a local meet up group or community effort in New Orleans.

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