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Flash ScreenAnyone who is a fan of good music, good times and good food has obviously gone or heard of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.  New Orleans natives refer to it as the jazz fest for short.  The Jazz Fest is held annually to showcase Louisiana music and cultural heritage.  This Jazz Fest application has continued that tradition without any compromises.  The producers of the application Seed Labs, LLC. has done a great job creating an application which is easy to use. feature rich, functional and speedy.  This years application has been released on Android and IOS.  The basis for my review will center on the Android versionLet’s begin with the design of the application.  Its obvious to me that the android version of the application takes some functionality from the IOS version of the application.  mentioning this fact does not take away from the  overall design and feel. In my opinion, it only enhances usability and keeps things simple and compact.  The application is also relatively light coming in at 9.72 Mb  and quite snappy and responsive to user input and request.  The application has an impressive feature list:Application Start Scrren
-Music Lineup: See every artist and where they are playing. Add filters by day and/or stage to drill down to what you want to see. Sort by name or time in any view. Add or remove artists from your schedule with one touch.

– Artist Info: Click on any artist in any list and read their bio, watch videos, go to the artist web site or go to iTunes to download their latest release.

– Now Playing: View all artists playing within the next two hours in the music lineup. See what’s coming up on your personal schedule as well.

-Radio: Integration with slacker Radio to keep up with your favorite artist before during and after the show.

– Food Lineup: An organized list of all the food item available at Jazz Fest and which area they are located in. Touch a button to add food to your schedule at a specific time.

– Craft Lineup:An organized list of all the craft shops available at Jazz Fest and which area they are located in. Place a star next to your favorite shop.

– Map:  a zoomable/scrollable map of the entire event. Click on a stage to go to the lineup view for that stage. During the Festival, see who is playing each stage on the current day.
– Social Media Integration: For any artist, take a picture from inside the app and have the caption automatically filled in with artist and stage info. Push the photo up to Facebook, Twitpic or both at the same time. You can also update your Facebook status or tweet about the bands.

– Sync: Pull down your custom schedule from www.nojazzfest.com using either the web site login or a Facebook login. Want to push your iPhone schedule back up to the website? You can do that too.

– My Schedule: A customized food and music schedule organized by day and remove items with a single touch.

– Webcast: live streamed coverage of select bands through YouTube  beginning May 4-6.

To the Jazz Fest veteran and the new Jazz Fest convert this application is a great way to get started enjoying and sharing before during and after the festivities have long subsided.  I highly recommend this app so give it a try and you will see why?


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